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Email Hosting

Email hosting in a nut shell is a service that runs email servers. When you have a domain name and website you will want an email address which you would need to sign up for. Most web hosting sites will give you an option of using their email services however the quality of the emails supplied through these hosts is POP3 which contains only the basics in spam and virus protection and limited other features. When compared to a professional email hosting service your will find many emails provided as part of a web hosting are sub-par.

If you are in need of or wanting something with a little more clout and protection then email hosting is the way to go. By using a professional email host you will have the advantages of the premium email solutions offered operating on dedicated email platforms catering for the demanding email user and small to medium businesses providing you with more security, and other features.

Some of the advantages of having email hosting include the cost savings in not having to employ IT personnel to manage all your email servers and associated issues. Other significant advantages include added security, anti virus and anti spam and storage space. As email is considered one of the best forms of communication in today’s society both socially and professionally you don’t want to take risks with a lesser quality email connection. When using a dedicated email hosting provider these will be taken care of for you. TBA Media can provide full solutions for the discerning business owner who sees value for money in the added quality of email connections obtained from dedicated email hosting.

Call us today to discuss the advantages and determine for yourself the viability which will be provided to your business both now and into the growing future. You will be surprised at the affordability.