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Local SEO Campaign

How do you achieve good rankings with your local business successfully, helping to ensure growth and financial stability? This can be achieved by enhancing your presence on the web through a local SEO campaign. TBA Media are experienced in helping local businesses to increase their presence allowing potential business to find them. Everyone wants to be on page one of Google rankings. Getting there is one hurdle, however the other and possible most import one is to remain there. A lot of work needs to go into getting your business from its current positions to a more desirable one where traffic will be driven directly to you increase your chances of securing customers. Regardless of what you have to offer on the web, whether it is a service, product or combinations of both allow TBA Media to work in close collaboration with you in determine an effective strategy and local SEO campaign.

Examples of a local SEO Campaign

  1. A carpentry company in Brisbane may want to target certain regions of Brisbane for example East Brisbane, Coorparoo, Holland Park and Newmarket. As part of this local SEO campaign TBA Media would create web pages dedicated to these locations, create a ‘theme of relevance’ for these locations. On top of the required and specialist web development, the ‘Off-page’ SEO work also needs to be tailored to these specific locations.
  2. Our client K-9 Dog Obedience used us for a local SEO campaign, and now they rank very highly for ‘Dog Obedience Gold Coast’ and ‘Puppy Kindy Gold Coast’
  3. Our own ‘In-House’ example of a local SEO campaign would be Sunshine Coast Website Design – a purpose built SEO website that is designed to bring in website traffic and leads from this exact location. At TBA Media we practice what we preach, so what works for us we know will also work for our clients.

Most of our SEO campaigns include location based keyword targeting, the difference between a local and national campaign is that a local campaign specifically targets the suburbs and regions around you, rather than a capital city, state or entire country.

In the modern world of SEO campaigns you need to ensure that every element is strong. It is in this way that you will have the strongest presence on the web with the strongest rankings on Google. At TBA Media we will take every element into consideration, including keyword research, creating an attractive profile for your website. Our goal is to make your website stand out from competitors so that users contact your business over your competitors.

If you have a local business that you want to grow, call TBA Media and have a chat to see how we can bring your business to the attention of potential customers closest to your company locations.