TBA Media is proud to provide comprehensive website and digital services to a leading arborist company in the Moreton Bay region just north of Brisbane, AllRound Tree Services. Established by director Simon Maloney in 1994, AllRound has developed an outstanding reputation for their skill, dedication to environmental care, excellent safety standards and superior customer service.

arborist websiteTheir digital presence is also a standout, with a substantial WordPress site fully developed and maintained by TBA Media, plus social media integrations and SEO services. The expertise of TBA in SEO is evidenced in the prominent position consistently held by AllRound in Google rankings for arborist services.

An integrated digital strategy includes liberal use of keywords in the site’s pages and social media articles. AllRound’s commitment to safety is emphasised with a paragraph-long safety notice at the base of each page listing the relevant standards. It is also given voice and presence through a tab set aside for health and safety information.

The home page is packed with important information and links: a brief introduction to the business: list of main services: contact details: the company motto “Professionals That Care” and a values proposition: brief coverage of the main types of work AllRound undertakes, residential, commercial and industrial, and insurance; memberships with key state and international industry organisations; a list of community organisations that AllRound supports: and the safety paragraph. The home page also allows for rich linkage by listing a number of trusted providers of allied services (fencing, roof inspections, swimming pool constructors, shade sails, conveyancing lawyers, carpenters and builders) plus links to their sites.

TBA Media has also ensured AllRound offers 24/7 customer service by provision of a contact form on the home page and in its own “Contact” tab. A click to call mobile response feature opens to FaceTime.

Your business also deserves for its expertise and reputation to be well-served by its digital presence. Contact TBA Media today to discuss how we can help to take your business to the next level.