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Crown Studios SEO

After being referred to TBA Media by a trusted I.T. industry expert in Brisbane, Crown Studios approached us about achieving higher website rankings, the business was running at about 60% capacity throughout the year. This meant there was a lot of ‘ups and downs’ in the business’s yearly cycle. This meant empty band and dance rehearsal space, and something needed to be done to improve on this.

We commenced our analysis of the market competition and deemed that we had a good chance of success in achieving higher rankings and more importantly, more qualified traffic to the Crown Studios website. The first step was to identify what areas of the business were likely to bring the higher income. Once this was established, we were able to construct a good keyword list. After more keyword variance research, the ‘On-Page’ optimisation commenced, and the use of the existing WordPress framework was able to optimise the content on the site, galleries and info pages. The next step was looking at the interaction between the already established social media and how to leverage this against the website to help increase the ‘importance’ of the website in the eyes of Google.

After just 6 months the campaign work was signed off as a success. TBA Media achieved page 1, position 1 rankings for almost every targeted keyword. TBA Media’s advanced understanding of how digital marketing works played a large part in enhancing the business into new areas of service, creating new opportunities for more business growth.

This campaign was done in 2011, and even now this year our work is still paying off, for this we are very grateful and now we are a very busy client! Crown Studios have expanded their operation to cope with the increase of demand on their service, including extended trading hours, more band rehearsal space and a dedicated dance rehearsal studio.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]