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Sydney Relocations SEO

After being referred to our company by a colleague, the Director of Sydney Relocations engaged us to build a website to compete within the Sydney removalist sector. The challenge was accepted and we began the website development in 2012. The website structure was built around the keywords being targeted, this ‘reverse engineering’ from keywords to web development is a key factor to the success that TBA Media has within the field of SEO and digital marketing in general.

The design and useability of the site was evident from the start, even within a week of launch enquiries were streaming in through the use of Google AdWords. Google AdWords, being a fast and reliable way to attract traffic to even a brand new website is often used by us during an SEO campaign, so that certain pages, ad texts, and keyword volumes can be tested, and then applied to the actual SEO campaign. Google AdWords is also an easy way to test the conversion rate of the website, which in this case was over 20% – more than 6 times higher than the acceptable industry standard of 3%.

After identifying the most profitable, and achievable niche for Sydney relocations, the decision was made to tailor the SEO strategy towards ‘Commercial’ and ‘Office removalists’ Sydney – these keywords bring clients that are a lot more valuable than plain ‘house or home’ removalists. The campaign gained initial success after 3 months, however after 12 months, the results were astounding. Outranking some of Australia’s largest national and international removalist companies, Sydney Relocations business sky-rocketed! A new depot was set up to cater for the extra trucks needed, and storage, the business almost tripled in size over the period of the SEO campaign.

To say this campaign was a success is an understatement! Now with the challenge of running a much larger, busier company the Directors of Sydney Relocations could not be happier with the result, and the ongoing revenue that we were able to generate for them.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]