When TBA Media reviewed the website for Clem Carpentry, we recognised the importance of rich visuals to the overall Clem Carpentry vision and aesthetic of luxe, classical beauty and attention to detail.

Clem Carpentry is based around the husband and wife team of carpenter–builder Marcus Clements and interior designer–project manager Holly Riches. Together with their extended team of expert tradespeople and suppliers, they have established an enviable reputation in Brisbane for their focus on detail and quality in their specialisations with extensions, renovation and restoration of kitchens, bathrooms and decking in Queensland homes, including heritage houses and especially heritage Queenslanders.

Across the tabs for home, services, about, showcase and service areas, the WordPress site is liberally illustrated with sumptuous photography of Clem Carpentry jobs. The photographs are as luxuriously beautiful as the renovations and restorations themselves, and feature a signature chessboard presentation that allows for zooming to individual images and a click-through gallery function.

Clem Carpentry HomepageThe abundance of well-photographed interiors sets Clem Carpentry apart from its competitors and serves also as an inspiration and hook for present and potential customers. Almost every page shows off the impressive range and gorgeous aesthetic of these market leaders, and is topped-and-tailed with ready access to the company through click-to-contact email and 1300 customer service number. The contact page also features an easy-to-use contact form to enable 24/7 customer service, and the services pages have a quick contact form on the right-hand margins below a summary menu, repeat of phone and email details and photograph of Marcus and Holly.

The individual pages are structured for elegant simplicity, reflecting the Clem ethos, and concisely set out the mission and value propositions of this leading company.

The site is completed with ready access to the company’s active presence on social media, with content for both regularly expanded and updated as part of TBA Media’s integrated digital plan.

All up, a visit to this TBA Media site is a journey through the skill and excellence of the Clem Carpentry team that is every bit the equal of their design-and-build expertise.

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