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The TBA Media Team

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Meet the TBA Media team behind the brand 

Lee – Lee is the co-founder of TBA Media and works in partnership with David. As the creative force behind the business Lee can be found at his computer screen in deep thought and concentration. He painstakingly designs and develops each and every website ensuring that it looks and functions to perfection, exactly the way clients envisioned when they came to TBA Media. As testament to Lee’s prowess in the field of web design in 2013 he was nominated for the BAD (Brisbane Advertising) Award by Nadine Shaw (photographer to the stars).

David – David will be the first voice you hear when contacting TBA Media. He is on the phone 24/7 liaising with clients, providing recommendations, support and advice and developing strategies to achieve the individual results sought by each client. David makes project management and multitasking look simple while he is gifted in the way he communicates with clients, building rapport through his ability to relay to clients both in technical and simple terms what TBA Media can do. David’s role is pivotal and is the axis between the vision of the client and the final product, achieving client satisfaction through coming up with initial concepts, then following through with review and evaluation. Along with Lee, he is also heavily involved on the creative side, and with conveying client feedback and queries.

Amy – Amy has been with TBA Media for nearly a year now. Amy’s role is the creation of social media campaigns, the building of links between all platforms including social media and your website, posting content across all leading social media platforms, and directory listing across all major business directions online for the increased exposure that Google loves. But the most important role that Amy probably has is also the most intricate and time-consuming, which is to give each and every one of our clients an increase in ranking, driving credible prospects to their sites, and the fiddly process of preparing SEO campaigns from scratch with specific targets and objects in mind.

Andrew – Andrew is a professional and enthusiastic programmer who recently joined TBA Media. For him, being able to express and use a wide array of skills when making and updating websites is a great challenge. He is always looking for ways to increase his skills – learning new things every day is a core part of the person he is. He is dedicated to expanding his knowledge to continually improve himself as an asset not only to TBA Media but also to its clients who may need special requirements in the projects we undertake for them.

Kate – Kate is also a recent recruit to TBA Media. She comes from a background of editing and corporate writing, and is thrilled to be engaging with the creativity of TBA Media and its collective expertise in web development, social media and SEO.

Together the team of TBA Media operate like a well-oiled machine combining each of specialist skills for the benefit of our clients.  We understand the needs of internet advertising, web design and how to achieve high rankings through good SEO campaigns.

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