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Website Translation and Localisation

As part of TBA Media’s repertoire we offer Website Translation Services. This is also called website localisation; however, there is a difference between website translation and website localisation. Website translation is commonly a literal direct translation of words, as offered by free translation software and other automated services, easily found on the Internet.

You certainly do not want prospective customers to laugh when they read your website because of ridiculous translation – that is not the desired result. You want your website to be taken seriously as a potential supplier of goods and services or as a supplier of information. That’s why at TBA Media we offer website localisation which is translation into any language using the thought or idea of a sentence rather than a word-for-word translation.

Idioms and Jargon

Idioms and jargon are rarely translated accurately. Usually the language that you are translating into will have its own jargon and idioms that only a native speaker will know. All of our website translation and localisation services are performed by native speakers of the language you want your website in.

Native Speaker

The language of the heart or the first spoken language as a child is a person’s native tongue. Even if someone spends decades living in another country they will never speak as a native speaker.

Translation and localisation must be done by people speaking that language from birth. TBA Media only uses educated linguists to translate your website.

Quality control is extremely important, for that reason editing is performed by an independent native speaker to check for accuracy of terms, spelling and grammar. The result is a professional, trustworthy and accurately translated website.

Why Translate your Website?

There are two distinct reasons to have a multi-lingual website or complete website in another language. The first one is to enter the global market and attract the speakers of that language to buy your goods or services, the other reason is increasing your website’s global presence by receiving ‘hits’ from another language group.

There are outstanding SEO benefits to having a translated webpage, website or blog particularly ranking in Google in other languages. Since the exposure and hits to your website will increase considerably it means that in your own country and Google in your own language your website will increase your rankings and impacts on how close to the top of the list your website appears when using Google to search.

Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google. Using TBA Media’s Website Translation Services is a great way to bring your website closer to the top of the list. Our translators will be using common expressions and local phrases to attract readers. Your website will outrank others because of the increase in traffic to your website. That’s exactly want you want to achieve!

Translating your online information is an investment you will reap great benefits from. Call TBA Media today to find out the costs involved and to answer any questions you have.